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Welcome to SPX Instant Screen Capture

SPX Instant Screen Capture has been the favorite screen capture program for millions of people since its first release in 2001. We hope you will join our community and enjoy the best tool in its category.

Capture and send or annotate before sending.

Capture an area of the screen or an entire window and instantly send the image to the clipboard for use in another application, to a file on your computer/network, to an email address as attachment, over the internet to your website, right to the printer or to a program for further editing.

Show and Tell with the new, built-in Annotation Editor to better explain your work and ideas.

Only simple and useful tools are available: arrow , shape , number sequence , text box and blur tool .

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Download a fully functional version of SPX Instant Screen Capture free for a 15-day trial period.

Enjoy !

Moodysoft Inc.